Coaching is about solutions and increasing what IS working

Coaching is a little less about fixing what is broken and a little more about finding what is working and doing more of that.  Coaching is supportive, creative and empowering.


Please keep coaching, you are a rock star. Thanks for helping so many people I know. Thanks for helping me

I don’t want a counsellor or a psychologist?

People often feel counselling and psychology is not what they need, or they may feel a sense of shame or even disbelief in these therapies.  I highly respect all modes of therapy, and it is true not one size fits all.

Coaching really does appeal to and it is very effective for people who are functioning just fine however they have hit some snags or a dead end or are spinning their wheels due to the pressures of their career, business or their relationship.


It was the start of a magnificent journey; an epiphany. It opened doors in my heart which resulted in doors opening in my life – ever since

Coaching is effective whether you are a CEO or a student

Coaching outcomes depend on the individual and what they bring to the relationship.  It also depends on what individuals are actually capable of and what individuals aspire to.


She is understanding, firm, kindly and dogged. She gets it. She was fantastic for me. Turned my life around

Why Coaching?

Coaching lives in the family of what is known as brief therapies and it is very easy to apply to your life.

This means, the tools and strategies are designed to reach outcomes in shorter timeframes and focusing more on ideal outcomes and ideal solutions more so then focusing on problems as traditional therapies tend to do.  Having said that, I have studied a bachelor in counselling and have these models of help to draw from in the cases where this is required.


The coaching process is supportive, flexible, bespoke and works on mindset and beliefs and habits and rituals 


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