Awaken and Uncaged is:

Coaching, Clearing & Mentoring

Activating & Merging YOUR Inner Wisdom & Potentiality without the covert patterns

Women seeking personal expansion:

New Power, New Approaches, New Identity


Your Personal & Professional

Purpose Alchemist

Is it time to tap into co-creating with the divine?  Unlocking more of your cosmic YES’s?  WingWoMan Awaken and Uncaged is potent and transformational. This collaboration is spiritual and purpose mentoring and includes far more than traditional coaching techniques.

Your golden ticket to your purpose-led living, highly conscious leadership and soul-aligned career success.

Sessions are available face to face or zoom







  • Soul-led Leadership support

  • Outcome focused clearings

  • Spiral process Re-Patterning

  • Chakra balancing 

  • Body, Mind, Spirit Self-Connection



Tap into your creator. YOU are the creator.  Let’s clear what got blocked and return to your co-creator with the divine self! 

Are you:

  • A woman in leadership ready to own your soul-led innovation and interactions?

  • Frustrated with old ways of masculine systems and soul-destroying ladder climbing?

  • Struggling with your results and finding life balance and it’s having a negative impact on you or your relationship?

  • Hitting a financial ceiling despite what seem to be your greatest efforts?

  • Lacking clarity and it’s effecting your confidence?

  • Struggling with ‘people’ issues and the differences in personality styles are a pain point for you?

  • In a position of leadership and requiring a sounding board, collaboration and a brainstorming partner who is outside of your business and has new skills to tap into?

  • Wanting to affect change in a soul-aligned kind of way and need to break away from some limiting dogmas?

  • Working within a firm where internal coaching is not available?

  • Proactive and understand and value in collaborating with a success coach?

  • In need of a WingWoman to help keep you accountable and healthy spiritually, mentally, physically and financially?


I didn’t have any expectations of how the coaching might work, I just knew from reading your website that you were the right fit for me, and after the initial call I knew that I needed to work with you. You said to me in the first call that it didn’t seem like I was living in alignment with who I truly am, and that was the first of many lightbulb moments with you. Living in alignment became my goal in the process.


*What was it like for you going through the Spiral Process with Ros?

DO IT! Make the investment in yourself and immerse yourself in the process, you absolutely won’t regret it and nothing will change until you do it.

Lou. QLD

These tick boxes describe other business operators who have collaborated with Roslyn Loxton Mindset Coaching and who have greatly benefited from having a WingWoMan to stretch their thinking, to offer frameworks and tools as well as counsel


What WingWoMen have gained

Some of the topics and areas of focus and support include but are not limited to:

  • Hearing their own inner spirit and being able to follow the voice of that spirit

  • Waking up to their inner medicine, what they feel born to be and be in this life

  • Huge awakenings around being covertly caged into their career and then seeing how to unapologetically step out of that cage

  • Identifying and eliminating unrelenting self-sabotaging patterns that seemed like ‘other people’s’ behaviour.  Patterns acquired from Intergenerational and conditioned patterning.

  • A whole new perspective and experience with intimacy and relationships

  • Re-writing highly stimulating, on purpose, heart felt goals that feed into the big WHY’S in life

  • Deep healing from unprocessed trauma, grief or loss

  • Articulating company and personal Visions, Culture and Goals

  • Personal counsel and support in balancing career with personal relationship

As your WingWoman Mindset and Spiral Coach, my goal is to expand your capacity by joining forces with you on a monthly basis once you have completed the 8 session Spiral Process.

We repattern to release your conscious empowerment and leverage YOUR EXPERTISE using my expertise.


Other WingWoMen have experienced:


  • Through showing up and playing full out in the 8 session chakra clearing process one WingWomMan started her long time dream of running her own purpose-led business, leaving her corporate job and then went on to realise she is an empath and trained to become Spiral Practitioner as well.

  • Another WingWoMan was struggling with balancing having children and maternity leave and being a present mother with the masculine paradigm in her competitive career as a scientist and all of the confusing pressure this placed on her own identity and the health of her marriage.  After the spiral process she has transformed her relationship with herself and with her ability to co-create with the divine and is now also transforming the relationship in her marriage.  She has completely re-shaped her paradigm in her work space activating her soul-led purpose and the empowerment that comes from not reacting from internal patterns that limit our potentiality.

  • After working out their ON-PURPOSE GOALS another client was able to make the difficult decision to leave a lucrative career in government to pursue a dream.  They created a strong character and a comedy routine that created a lucrative career in the arts and touring internationally.

  • Another WingWoman client went from high anxiety and nearly having to sell down the family home into improving their systems and processes and their self-belief.  They managed to apply the right strategies and approach, the right energy levels and resources and after 12 months, banked $1M enabling them to keep hold of the family home and greatly reduce anxiety levels.

Take a new process conscious whole-person and patterns approach to your Freedom, Leadership and Business to ensure your


WingWoMan awaken and uncaged

Face to Face one on one

9mth incubation to renewal, reinvention & expansion – Awakened & Uncaged

Zoom or Face to face

  • initial 8 x weekly Spiral Process sessions (1 x per weekly for 8 weeks)
  • followed by 6 x monthly session
  • monthly spiritual mentoring sessions there after personalised to your deepest desired transformation
  • bespoke re-patterning & clearing to recode & renew perspectives to liberate beautiful love, passionate life and stimulating career
  • access to ongoing email & phone support
  • access to any group rituals or circles

1 x single investment – super saver


2 x instalments saver-  a. The Spiral Process  &  b. Wingwoman


Session instalments


 A snapshot of what WingWoMan Mentoring shares

when you up-level your mindset and your operational patterns, you will up-level your business and personal outcomes


  • Revisit your big picture WHY’S
  • Recraft your Vision and Goals to be ‘Purpose- Led’
  • Exposure to Tools and Frameworks for communicating with clients and associates
  • RePatterning Spiral Process Sessions
  • Personal and Business Relationship Support
  • Personal support and counselling as required

Clearing subconscious constraints

The areas you will be guided through are as follows:
Level One: Deserving; Releasing SHAME and increasing SELF-WORTH.
Level Two: Creativity; Releasing FEAR and increasing PROACTIVITY.
Level Three: Power; Releasing ANGER and increasing SELF CONFIDENCE.
Level Four: Openness; Releasing WOUNDS OF THE HEART and increasing LOVE.
Level Five: Expression; Releasing LOW SELF-ESTEEM and increasing EXPRESSION.
Level Six: Vision; Releasing OLD VIEWS and increasing CLARITY.
Level Seven: Purpose; Aligning to your HIGHER PURPOSE and DIVINITY.
Session 8:  Integrating all of the clearing and releasing and refocusing next steps.

Building and Co-Creating with Divine


Monthly session continuing with your personalised outcome based ‘clearing’ sessions

Continuing to identify and dissolve upper-limit ceilings caused by conditioned patterns

Continuing to clean up your subconscious identity to allow a more empowered expanded unstoppable version of yourself


WingWoMan Mentoring Package

Take a holistic, whole person approach to your leadership and business and ensure your



  • This is a synchronistic collaboration covering ALL ELEMENTS that effect and impact how you show up, what you stand for, how you achieve and what you contribute to, how you cope, manage stress and…

  • Tap into all of your powerful internal and external resources for greater coping, resilience and creativity VIA Spiral re-patterning processes.

WingWoman 9 months

Face to Face one on one

9mth incubation to renewal, reinvention & expansion – Awakened & Uncaged

Zoom or Face to face

  • initial 8 x weekly Spiral Process sessions (1 x per weekly for 8 weeks)
  • followed by 6 x monthly session
  • monthly pattern clearing, spiritual mentoring sessions there after personalised to super charge your deepest desired transformation
  • bespoke re-patterning & clearing to recode & renew perspectives to liberate beautiful love, passionate life and stimulating career
  • access to ongoing email & phone support
  • access to any group rituals or circles

1 x single investment – super saver 


2 x instalments saver-  a. The Spiral Process  &  b. Wingwoman 


Session instalments 

“Ros helped my belief in my own value, belief in my capacity and right to succeed, and the successes that have resulted. It was amazing and I credit my success to my coaching from Ros who helped me to identify my dreams, refine them, then go and get them”

“Ros was just who I was looking for to help me in my journey.  What worked was her encouragement and extreme positiveness which I really respond to.  It was lovely to have some positive energy every week.  I put absolutely 100% into the session and Ros’s ability to continue searching for exactly the right questions was great. “

“Brutal honesty in a calm, non judgement light.  Patience to help me discover it for myself and Ros’s ability to tie things off was grounding.  The reports (summary notes) from each session are invaluable for continued reference to our sessions”

frequently asked questions

How does this coaching package actually work?

We meet either face to face at your office or an agreed upon location or via skype

How do session run?

Your coach manages all logistics such as the best location, timeframes and note taking.  Most sessions will be one on one coaching conversations to address your current most pressing need for assistance, brainstorming or support.

How long do sessions take?

Session times are flexible due to the nature of life and your needs.  90 minutes is allocated for the session though we make sure we keep an extra 30mins spare in case on the day, you need a little more time to get your break throughs or answers.

When do we meet, does it have to be once a month?

Monthly sessions, is a guide only.  We can use your 10 one on one sessions as you most need them.  It is possible that you can use one or more of your sessions by allocating them to another person if this is going to support your cause.

What if I don't use all 10 or what if I need more then 10?

We do highly encourage and support you through out the year to get maximum value from your Wingman package.  It is in our best interests to look after your best interests.  Once we take you on as your Wingman, our yearly planner allocates time for this.  This means we can only take a limited number of Wingman clients.  In the case that you are unable to utilise your Wingman package, you are able to allocate your sessions to another person to benefit from.

Should you require more then the 10 sessions in the Wingman package, we are able to organise additional sessions on a needs basis @ $300 plus GST per session.  This includes your coach coming to you, a 90minute session with a spare 30mins available if required on the day, plus your personalised session overview emailed to you the following day.  Email support and contact is accessible as well as live chat support in our HELP HUB section on our website.

Contact Roslyn about the Wingman Mentoring Package today!

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