Intuitive Zen Coaching Session



Focused on Goals




Guided By The Oracles or Osho Zen Deck

Persuade your zen to come along with you, to your daily activities so everything in your life becomes a meditation, a grace, a beauty, a benediction.


Tapping into higher wisdom

Exploring with inspired perspectives

Avoiding the distractions of the habitual mind 

Remember, you don’t become a spirit, you already are a spirit right here right now.  Whilst on Earth you also have a body and a soul.  Take time to be still and listen to your higher self.  The self that knows things before your head does.  Tap into your intuition and connect back to your zen like inner self.

The Oracle Deck



  • Major Themes

  • Spiritual Themes

  • Mental Themes

  • Physical Themes

  • Chakra Themes

Osho Zen Deck


  • The unique wisdom of Zen.  

  • A  game of playfulness.

  • Major Arcarna

  • Minor Arcarna

2 hr Intuitive Coaching Workshop

Inner Spirit Energy

  • Release Stuckness

  • Ask for clarity

  • Rise out of confusion

  • Unlock intuition

  • Consult higher wisdom



Book your intuitive coaching workshop 


2hr one on one session via zoom or skype


Guided by the Oracle deck or the Osho Zen Deck

Personalised report and recorded session available 


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