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atomic hacks and affirmations for success habits

My BEST SELF Journal is a clever and comprehensive tool designed to lead you to unlock your very own unique potentials and transform your life. Getting un-stuck!

Mindfully designed to help you master the art of self-discovery, self-care, healing your inner self, reducing anxiety, and experiencing the power of truly loving yourself.

My BEST SELF journal can help you rewire your mindset habits for your personal and unique success by carefully, bit by bit, unlocking your unique strengths and untapped potentials.

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Atomic bite sized hacks and affirmations for creating change and success one affirmation at a time

Practical strategies from the essence of Atomic Habits distilled into bite sized affirmations and journal prompts targeting steps to:

  1. form your unique success habits

  2. replace old disempowering patterns

  3. building bit by bit the micro behaviours that lead you to desired outcomes wherever your starting point

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This zen mandala adult colouring book is designed for relief from stress, anxiety and busy mindedness.

Beautiful mandalas and powerful emotional clearing statements for mindful people.

And because focus effects reality and intentions have manifesting powers and also coloring is a creative way to focus and relieve stress, this book is your creative therapy buddy.


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The A – Z Crystal Guide Coloring Book and Affirmations Journal is an interactive and beautifully line illustrated guide to crystals. The perfect addition to your collection and the perfect gift for crystal lovers and coloring in enthusiasts.

A crystal for each letter of the alphabet plus bonus pages to color in.

This is a therapeutic and easy-to-follow a-z crystal guide as a coloring book helping to reduce anxiety and stress and improve your connection to crystal energies. For Mindful People with Stress Relieving affirmations.

Also included is key information on the individual properties of each crystal including the spiritual, healing, chakra and zodiac associated with each crystal.

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