Leadership Ninja Coaching Package can up level you

into the top 1%


& can help earn you

Promotion, Pay rise

& Satisfaction






  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Become the Coach
  • Balance & Bravery
  • Resilience
  • Innovative
  • Visioning & Goals
When you are profoundly aware of what makes you tick, what holds you back, what your ideal vision for the future is and what your on-purpose goals are, you have a much greater chance at crafting, delivering, enjoying and succeeding with your career.

Honour your passion, hone your potential and do it wisely.

it. is. worth. it.

 Does this sound anything like you?


  • Driven to up-level your mindset and to experience feeling totally satisfied with your career?
  • Already responsible for leading people but, you are struggling to get the most out of them and youself?
  • Trying to climb the corporate ladder to achieve your ideal career success but you seem to be spinning your wheels ?
  • Wondering how other people in the industry seemed to cut a break and get ahead, but, you’re just as good?
  • Procrastinating, for fear of failure or what others may think of you if you try to up-skill and aim for bigger and better career options?
  • Have a burning calling to add value and shine brightly in your industry?
  • Doubting your worth and wonder if it is possible to become a better version of yourself?

I have been in that place and asked myself all of those questions  AND I am here to share my personal insights with you



  • How to stand out in high profile corporate environment
  • How to be in control and have a clear direction and satisfaction
  • How to identify what your special expertise is and how to leverage from that
  • How to command your worth and get your pay rise or promotion
  • How to structure a time effective diary
  • How to make the most of your inner guidance system in a corporate environment
  • How to lead and manage people in a transformational way



Before I up levelled my career and income, I spent time

  1. not setting my sights high enough and
  2. not knowing how to up level, holistically.

Please try not to let language or the word ‘holistic’ trip you up.  Great managers always inspired me and it was only when I grew my skills as a leader that I got noticed, commanded my worth and was offered promotion.  I am now totally grateful for all of the key learnings I can extract from that challenging and rewarding journey.

Growing my leadership skills, was what set me apart from my industry peers and contributed to tripling my income in a twelve month period.

I was mentored by a great manager and it is those teachings and learnings that I have poured into this leadership ninja program.  It isn’t what you do, it is the WAY that you do it that will create quantum leaps in your success.

As your ‘GO TO’ Mindset Coach, my goal is to coach, motivate and mentor you to up-levell your leadership skills, your communication and people skills, your task and time management skills and your capacity to tap into your inner guidance system. That way your career potential can benefit greatly from YOUR standout EXPERTISE.

Clients have experienced:

  • Through articulating their VISION STATEMENT, one client grew from a solo operator charging $500 per website biz model, to having 3 on staff as well as outsourcing and multiplying biz fees to $5000 – $30,000 per website.
  • Another client worked on improving their SELF WORTH STORY.  They started out with a dream to become a recognised author, despite unrecognised self imposed ceilings, and ended up becoming the voice of their country community.  They went on to published several books and is now a well respected SUCCESSFUL PUBLISHED AUTHOR.
  • After working out their ON-PURPOSE GOALS another client was able to create a strong character and a comedy routine that allowed him to leave a six figure income to pursue a lucrative career in the arts.
  • Through the MY NEW BIZ VENTURE Coaching package, another client expanded their very successful marketing biz and developed a new packet of online services that leverage time and generates a passive income stream.

 A snap shot of what LEADERSHIP NINJA shares

when you learn these techniques, you will master your career, your income and your life

A reflective audit of your personal universe

We take a look at the stories you are living out and we do a little soul searching to ensure you are taking ‘on purpose’ actions.
Topics include:
Finance, Career, Relationships, Future, Hobbies, Social, Family

Creating your ‘on purpose’ Vision Statement

Craft your life story from your heart and soul so that you live your life from the inside out, being guided by your internal locus of control.


Becoming the Coach

Understanding people, understanding yourself and having the formulas and techniques to inspire, motivate, support, communicate with and empower people is what will set you apart, fill you with confidence and underpin everything you do.

Tapping into your Inner Guidance system

Easily underestimated, this is the real GOLD. The art of tapping into more of your brain, the universe and creative energy. The art of expanding your capacity to manifest and to find a divine inner peace that you can run your ‘on purpose’ BIZ by and not go mad or burn out.

Getting 'In Flow'

Be Valuable.  Getting ‘In Flow’ is a powerful module that embraces a bit of secret squirrel information to teach you to swim with the current.  When you master these techniques, it will be obvious that your grounded confidence and capacity to make very clever, considered decisions with super low stress, makes you valuable


Tools for locking in lasting change Personal Skills Audit  High Conflict People Dilemma model of conversation Problem solving formula Giving feedback framework Meeting plan template Effective activities audit and more

Take a holistic, whole person approach to your CAREER and LEADERSHIP and ensure your BEST CHANCE AT CAREER SUCCESS and PERSONAL FULFILLMENT

eCoaching Package

eCoaching Package
Self paced online version

  • easy to use templates and guide rails
  • 6 transformational coaching modules
  • Becoming the Coach tools & mindset bonuses
  • a money back guarantee

Normally $597 but today ONLY AUS $379


Leadership Ninja

This is a stand alone program when it comes to approaching your LEADERSHIP skills
Covering ALL ELEMENTS that impact how you show up daily, How plan and goal set, How you empower and motivate others and
How you tap into all of your powerful internal and external resources and includes:




Interactive questionnaires, frameworks and guide rails to easily follow


Short videos on how to get the most out of the content

Private FB Group

Support and encouragement from the like minded peers

Live Chat

An extra avenue to check in and receive support


Online Members Portal

Your private online course space containing all coaching materials


Face to Face or Skype coaching sessions for those who have chosen the face to face package option.

Take a holistic, whole person approach to your CAREER and LEADERSHIP and ensure your BEST CHANCE AT CAREER SUCCESS and PERSONAL FULFILLMENT


eCoaching Package

eCoaching Package
Self paced online version

  • easy to use templates and guide rails
  • 6 transformational coaching modules
  • Becoming the Coach tools & mindset bonuses
  • a money back guarantee

Normally $597 but today ONLY AUS $379

“Ros helped my belief in my own value, belief in my capacity and right to succeed, and the successes that have resulted. It was amazing and I credit my success to my coaching from Ros who helped me to identify my dreams, refine them, then go and get them”

“Ros was just who I was looking for to help me in my journey.  What worked was her encouragement and extreme positiveness which I really respond to.  It was lovely to have some positive energy every week.  I put absolutely 100% into the session and Ros’s ability to continue searching for exactly the right questions was great. ”

“Brutal honesty in a calm, non judgement light.  Patience to help me discover it for myself and Ros’s ability to tie things off was grounding.  The reports (summary notes) from each session are invaluable for continued reference to our sessions”

frequently asked questions

How does this coaching package actually work?
By strategically rolling out specifically crafted modules in a particular order to create a rock solid knowledge foundation and a firm scaffolding of goals, visions, techniques and tools.  This works by expanding your mindset using a combination of psychology based processes.
How is the content delivered?
If you are doing a coaching package online, you will receive personalised access to the online portal where you have 24/7 access to your package.  You can access this information in your own time and at your own pace. Note:  in the interest of protecting your private information, we do not save your answers in the online portal.  You will save your work into a folder in your computers documents.

If you are doing a coaching package face to face.  You will be supplied with a folder containing all of the relevant information including some special gifts.  Each time we catch up, you will be handed a new module to take a sneak peak through before we catch up again to go through the module together.

If you are doing a coaching package via skype.  You will receive access to the online portal as well as catching up with Roslyn for your face to face sessions.

How long does this package take to complete?
If you are doing the online package, you can take charge as to how long you take to complete the program.

We do highly encourage you to work on the package weekly to keep yourself in the habit, in the zone and getting the value out of the information.

Ideally doing one module per week or per fortnight is a good guide for you.

Will I have access to you?
If you are going with the face to face package option, then YES absolutely you have access to me.  We have our organised face to face meetings.  There are also interim email communications.  You also have access to our HELB HUB on the website plus you have access to the private FACE BOOK group.

If you are doing the coaching package online.  You have access to our HELP HUB on the website plus you have access to the private FACE BOOK group.


What if I get started and realise, it's not really for me?
We absolutely want you to be happy and satisfied, so we do provide a satisfaction guarantee.  We feel the packages are excellent albeit, maybe a little challenging in places, but, we need to stretch to grow right!

How this works is, if you have gotten through to the end of second module of your package and you figure by then, this is not for you, all we ask is that you send us your completed worksheets to show that you really have given it a go.

If you really have given it a go and you still believe it is not right for you, then we absolutely will refund 100% the cost of the coaching package you selected.

Keep in mind,  the modules all really fit together to make up all the pieces of a jigsaw, so, it would be a shame not to back yourself to get to the very end of the last module, just to let all of the information come together to complete the full picture.  As a suggestion, if need be, put the coaching package aside for now, if it’s bad timing and come back at a later date, when you feel the timing is better suited to this transformational process.


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