Life  Coaching  Programs

Micro and Small Business Owners

Developing Enduring Confidence

Self Growth and Self Awareness

e-Coaching and One on One Coaching


Coaching and Counselling Sessions are available at this time via phone or zoom to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus

 Carefully Crafted Coaching Programs


One-on-One Coaching

Your Star Of Confidence Program


10 Week Transformational tools and lessons that increase your confidence to live a life fully lived

Release limiting mindset programs and patterns.  Master your emotions and moods.  Learn the techniques to create zen and inner peace.  Learn how to thrive in all relationships regardless of how other people show up.  Life changing life skills.

Wingman 12-month Partnership Program

Partnering over 12 months for monthly accountability, support, coaching, counselling, mentoring and planning.

Stay focused and on track with the tools, techniques and support.

Self Paced e-Coaching Programs

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