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Specialising in Mico & Small Business & Entrepreneurs


Self Awareness, Self Confidence, Self Mastery

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Please keep coaching, you are a rock star. Thanks for helping so many people I know. Thanks for helping me



It was the start of a magnificent journey; an epiphany. It opened doors in my heart which resulted in doors opening in my life – ever since



She is understanding, firm, kindly and dogged. She gets it. She was fantastic for me. Turned my life around



Brutal honesty in a calm, non judgmental light. Patience to help me discover it for myself and your ability to tie things off was powerful. Your notes as summary are invaluable.


Specialising in Mico & Small Business & Entrepreneurs

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YOUR STAR OF Confidence

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Ros was just who I was looking for to help me in my journey. What worked was her encouragement and extreme positiveness which I really respond to. There is so much negativity in my world that it was lovely to have some positive energy every week. I tried to put absolutely 100% into the sessions and Ros’s ability to continue searching for exactly the right questions was great.


Belief in my own value, belief in my capacity and right to succeed, and the successes that have resulted. It was amazing and I credit my successes to my coaching from Ros who helped me to identify my dreams, refine them, then go and get them.


Working with Ros over the last few months has had such a positive impact on my life – not just professionally, but in all areas of my mindset. Ros has helped me to identify and begin to break down road blocks that I didn’t even know were holding me back. Not only is Ros extremely knowledgeable, she’s also just a genuinely fantastic person – I can’t recommend her enough!


I took Roslyn on as a coach to help me with a career transition in January and she has been an amazing help to keeping me on track and focused on the big picture, rather than getting caught up in the smaller challenges that can distract us. She makes such great sense and helps me make sense of things. I highly recommend her.

“She is understanding, firm, kindly and dogged. She gets it. She was fantastic for me. Turned my life around.” Jenny  QLD

“It was the start of a magnificent journey; an epiphany. It opened doors in my heart which re-sulted in doors opening in my life – ever since.” Jane Grieve QLD

Ros, I just wanted to say how stoked I am to have you as my wingman… I’m really happy with my decision.  Thank you. Rod W. QLD

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“After a solid couple of years of straight-up business coaching I felt I needed a more overall approach and after lots of searching came across Ros and I feel quite strongly that this was life-changing. I have been working with Ros now for 18mths and for the first time in my 46 years, feel in control of my life, both professionally and personally. My business has increased by 35%, my marriage is better than it has ever been and when stuff doesn’t go the way I want it, I have the tools now to understand why and how to make it different. The depth of Ros’s knowledge and intuitiveness, combined with her genuine interest in her clients is something I feel very lucky to have experienced. My 19 yo son now also sees Ros help with his mindset as a sportsperson and also helping him build the life he wants. I really can’t recommend Ros highly enough, she is an asset to me, my family and my business.”

FREE 21 Day Transformational Journal

So, after years of hearing peoples most intimate issues and working with people to develop a kit of ‘go to’ tools to cope and thrive with everyday life, journalling rose its head as being one of the single most powerful exercises in peoples self healing, self development, self empowerment tool kit.

But, for so many people I have coached with, there were 2 main obstacles causing them challenges.  1.  Blank page syndrome, what to journal about. And 2., Busy-ness syndrome, I don’t have time.  This 21 day transformation journal obliterates both of those challenges in order to empower and enable you to excel and succeed.


I’m Roslyn

Eliminator of Self Limiting Beliefs, Mindset and Peak Performance Coach.  My clients describe me as having great rapport, a sense of humour, being very supportive and intuitive, dogged and keeping it real.  I collaborate with people to free up mindset blocks, and to let go of old conditioning to make way for new mindset conditioning that leads people to their ultimate goals in business and in life.  Personal development targeted at being ‘On Purpose’