More Confidence

More Connection to Self

More Clarity

More Certainty

More Joy

More Empowerment


Soul, Spirit & Mindset


Realise,  Redesign & Re Align

3 zoom sessions

Release & Heal

The Spiral Process

8 zoom sessions


Evolve – WingWoman

12 zoom sessions

Regroup is perfect for Women

  • Tangled in overthinking for too long maybe stuck, exhausted or lacking a clear map
  • Disconnected from a sense of intuition hindering heart led choice making
  • Deep in the wrong story by following your should’s instead of your soul wisdom
  • In between worlds, finished one phase but not clear on the next
  • Feeling flat, unexcited, unmotivated and seeking your connection to ‘what next’



The Spiral Process - Release & Heal is perfect for Women


  • Motivated and seeking to understand and remove covert limits to increase their self-confidence and accelerate their career.
  • Seeking personal change and upper-limit breakthroughs
  • In positions of leadership, power and authority seeking access to a deeper wisdom
  • Committed to new ways of creating transformation in themself and others
  • Raising their vibration and scale of consciousness from the inside out
  • Chakra clearing and kinesiology muscle testing to bypass the overthinking mind
  • Healing and releasing old conditioning in a holistic way
  • Raising your sense of self-worth, life purpose and direction by removing hidden blocks
  • Opening your heart to deeper connection to self, self-love and greater intimacy with others as a result
  • Stepping into the courage to fully express your creative and business dreams
  • Improving emotional wellness, relationships, prosperity, inner peace & joy for life


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