Group Coaching & Mentoring
My Sacred Tribe

With Roslyn Loxton 

The power of tribe or group mentoring calls is profound. 






Raise your vibration

Nurture your soul

 Breakthrough old limits

"My Sacred Tribe is a vessell that holds a powerful source of pure support"

Groupwork is a way of harnessing our inherent social qualities even if we’re introverted.. Rather than passively accepting our unquestioned values and attitudes, groupwork uses the active, reflective participation of people in a sophisticated way that draws on their best qualities. And this is where breakthrough occurs..

Mindful Connections

Grounded Techniques

Soul Nourishing

"My Sacred Tribe is a place to spiritually and energetically and emotionally recharge when the outside world has had its way with us."

It’s a place to try on for size and get support around taking a leap to the next step, or being more authentic in the way you work, integrate or lead a team. It is about showing up in your authentic self with a group of people who have ambitions to play bigger or better – whatever that means to them.

Who is this program for


  • You have completed a coaching program and would love to continue tapping into the teachings


  • You are currently doing a coaching program and you would love to increase your coaching connection


  • You would love to engage in a coaching program and need a more financially affordable approach


  • You are looking for a like minded tribe to connect with, contribute to and grow with


  • You know you have grown and shifted and you know you need to continue tapping into the energy and language and information to keep you focused and strong

"My Sacred Tribe is a place where tangible tools and coaching holds hands with spirit and rituals"

90 days group calls only

90 days group calls Star of Confidence Online Program

90 days group + Spiral Process

90 days Group + Evolve

How it works

  • Sessions are held via Zoom online
  • Session duration will be 60 – 90 mins
  • Calls are fortnightly and you can tap into as many or as few as you choose
  • Opportunity to bring a specific situation to be coached on,
  • Sessions will be a combination of support & accountability for your 90 day goals.
  • Sharing & celebrating our wins
  • Sharing & supporting our challenges
  • A powerful setting of intentions for the following week ahead.

"My Sacred Tribe is a place to connect with a like minded tribe on a similar pathway or journey"


I reached out to Ros, as I needed some tools to help me juggle life. I have two very young children and as a new Mum, I was struggling to be the very best version of myself, that I wanted to be and knew I could be for my family. I was also struggling to juggle my work-life balance. So I needed some coaching and support to help build me back up to my best. Rachel W. QLD


To take control of the anxiety and spiralling. To give me back the time and energy wasted of the spiralling.  Amanda W. QLD


I contacted you for coaching because I felt incredibly stuck in my life. I knew I wanted better and different but I didn’t know how to make a change, or even what needed to shift in order for me to feel differently. Kristy C. QLD

"My Sacred Tribe is a place where we learn and apply life skills that see us operating from our wisdom and not from our wounds"

Group Coaching Calls

90 days Group + Star of Confidence Program

Group Coaching + The Spiral Process

90 days group + Evolve

My Sacred Tribe

My Sacred Tribe  is a safe place to try on ideas, process challenges – and get real. Through a unique ethos of authenticity and compassion, Your Sacred Tribe will strengthen your unique superpowers of receptivity, intuition and heart. Sharing your story with others validates your experience in this human world. Surrounding yourself with like minded people will expand the boundaries of your vision and give you valuable insights. Be witnessed by like-minded people committed to your success and fulfillment, and experience true confidence and personal growth.

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