Healthy      Yummy       Easy

Quick little easy recipes for snacks n meals n smoothies
that are totally yummy and totally healthy

mango rockmelon coconut smoothie

1 cup of your favourite milk 

1/2 x mango cheek fresh or frozen 

1/2 x cup rockmelon fresh or frozen 

1/4 x cup desiccated coconut 

6 x almonds 

1 x teaspoon honey if desired

a few cubes of ice

Pop it all in a good blender

wiz it all up until its thick and creamy

Gobble it down and squee with delight



A Shot of Green

a fresh bunch of wheatgrass

home grown or from the store

1/2 cup of chilled water

5 minute breakfast feast

One tomato 

8 x mushrooms 

2 x strands bacon (not too fatty) 

3 x eggs (free range) 

splash of milk 

small handful grated cheese 

Onion optional (caramelise with mushroom mix)

Handful of fresh basil

Small dob of butter or a splash of olive oil for frying


Nutty Yum Yum

fresh Fruit 

desiccated coconut 

seeds and nuts 

natural or coconut yoghurt 

butter for warming seeds n nuts



Scrummy Protein Balls

1/2 x cup almond flour

1/4 x cup sesame seeds

1/4 x cup chia seeds

1/4 x cup cacoa powder

1/2 x cup organic peanut butter

3 table spoons coconut oil

1 table spoon manuka honey

Roll into small balls and refrigerate

get creative with your own ingredients