Menu of therapeutic sessions

NOTE:  Many (not all) of the therapeutic processes involve NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as a kinesiology muscle testing tool to access information from your energetic system guided by a traditional Chinese medicine chart of emotions.

Developing The ‘Unlimited Self ‘Identity & Embodiment Process– getting clear on the version of you that will lead you to your full potential life and embodying this version of yourself.  This is a powerful exercise that will underpin everything you do on a daily basis moving forward.

Chakra clearing – balancing up the chakra body for emotional balance and groundedness.  Removing charged emotions in the chakra system that can cause you to be out of your body energetically and that may unwittingly attract unwanted events and situations.

Manifestation Clearing – clearing your chakra system of charged emotions in connection to your specific goal.   This process works through the chakra system from the crown down through the chakra system to the root, clearing any charged emotions in each chakra to enable calling your goal down into your body in an embodied way.

Root clearing – Identifying key areas of concern for you such as love or money or men or anxiety or food or wealth or humility or happiness or fear or connection or self-acceptance.  There is no limit to what can be root cleared.  A root clearing is identifying a pattern playing out within you around a certain subject.  A pattern is made up of 3 charged emotions that associate together to form a pattern.  We locate the 3 charged emotions and clear them out and then restate the reality that will replace the unwanted, removed, limiting pattern.

Wheel Of Life – reflecting on all key value areas of your life and scoring how satisfied you are in these areas, working together to articulate the most inspiring and exciting goal for each section of your Wheel.

Vision Planning – taking a here and now but also a longitudinal look into your story and methodically articulating what your life will look like in your future, what is ultimately important to you and also what you will become unavailable for as a result.

Mind Detox Technique – based in NLP this process is designed to eliminate a covert limiting story that has the capacity to hijack all efforts to achieve certain goals or outcomes and  that has emotions charged to a certain root cause event from your childhood or past.

Releasing Ritual – A process of releasing grief and story that are still embodied within you that require honouring but also in the best interest of your best self and your best life, they require the ritual of releasing.

Making Magic – A creative process designed to take your deepest desires and goals, tapping into ‘anything is possible’,  turning them into a spell and a symbol and then releasing them over to source and divinity.

Releasing Greatest Fear – A process of creating inventory of your fear and the roots this fear has spread into your story and identity.  Being witnessed in the confession of this fear releasing any emotions or shame etc., giving power to this fear and consciously discarding this from your covert patterning.

Limiting Self-Belief Scrambler – A process that leans into feeling pleasure in order to scramble negative or limiting stories.  Embodying the feminine and the pleasure centres that we have often closed or dulled down in our masculine approach to living.  Often this masculine approach to living pinches us off from so many pleasures and it can imbalance a relationship where ideally both people can have a balance with their masculine and feminine centres.

Pure Bliss Guided Meditation – A very relaxing guided meditation designed to release the way certain stories are held in the psyche or the subconscious and allowing new seeds to be planted  and received deep in the subconscious ready for you to nurture and grow these seeds in the spirit of your best wellness your best life and your grandest vision and goals.