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“She is understanding, firm, kindly and dogged. She gets it. She was fantastic for me. Turned my life around.” Jenny  QLD

“It was the start of a magnificent journey; an epiphany. It opened doors in my heart which re-sulted in doors opening in my life – ever since.” Jane Grieve QLD

Ros, I just wanted to say how stoked I am to have you as my wingman… I’m really happy with my decision.  Thank you. Rod W. QLD

I’m Roslyn

Eliminator of Self Limiting Beliefs, Mindset and Peak Performance Coach.  My clients describe me as having great rapport, a sense of humour, being very supportive and intuitive, dogged and keeping it real.  I collaborate with people to free up mindset blocks, and to let go of old conditioning to make way for new mindset conditioning that leads people to their ultimate goals in business and in life.  Personal development targeted at being ‘On Purpose’