Your deepest authentic truth

There are 2 places that you need to visit regularly

The place that heals you (bed)


the place that inspires you (beach)

this post is a place that can do both

You know what will catch up with you sooner or later

Your inability to understand where your own urges are being generated from

Your brain is the pilot of your plane

Its not the wisdom keeper and the urger creator and the decisions maker 

The heads job is the navigate the journey being guided by all the information on your dashboard

All those signals on the dashboard is all the data/urges that the rest of your bodies biology is sending to the dashboard.

Your head needs to be able to read that data/those urges and know where those signals are being generated from

Is there a bird stuck in the right engine

Is there too much cargo in the hull

Have you lost pressure somewhere from an oil leak

Are you speeding because theirs a tale wind

What are all those flashing lights on the dashboard and what part of the vehicle is sending those signals to your pilot.

Your inability to understand where your own urges and messages are being generated from

is your biggest dilemma to solve

Your inability to know what is authentically true for you falls into this urge decoding that your pilot is meant to be able to do, efficiently effectively safely 

Thats why distractions are so powerful

because when a deep authentic internal truth starts to flash red on your dashboard, 

that flashing red light can be more than you’re prepared to face or to trouble shoot.  

I am people pleasing right now, I am doubting myself right now, I’m lost at see right now, I’m burning out right now, I’m in the wrong relationship right now, Am I hungry or am I bored right now, 

when your biology sends these signals to your dashboard your brain will go into overload and overthink or

You will create ‘a valid’ distraction and you will cling to the validity of that distraction

by now you will have developed a great system of things, a whole lifestyle and identity that distracts your deep attention to your deep truths signaling 

that might offend you, especially if you are an important person, a busy person getting everything achieved, you kill yourself being awesome and successful, as you run toward what’s always out in front of you, always out in front of you, always out in front of you

you’re well trained at turning a blind eye to the dashboard because if you look down and see all the flashing signals they might go something like this:

hey, wait, no, stop, hang on, this isn’t right for me, I’m not sure this is a yes for me

please no, can we not do this relationship pattern again

Please no, we can’t do this role again, my soul has been on hold too long

hey, I feel sick or like I’m not even in my body with you when we keep using this old model of ‘slog your guts out’ and dress it up as hustling, world beating, efficiency, productivity addiction type reasoning

I rang the deep inner authentic truth gong, there’s nothing at the top of Everest for us, but, hey you’re gonna climb anyway, because you don’t trust me, I’m just your deep authentic voice of inner truth.

I’m only saying any of this because I am here to change the way people think and more than the way people think but the way people use their entire body to gather data and not just their head.

How do you know what part of you is giving you your messages, sending you those signals to your dashboard to consider and navigate your decisions with

When you finally get some alone time do you feel overwhelmed that you feel lost, rudderless, off purpose – what part of you is sending that signal?  I’ll give you a clue, it might be your undefined G centre.

When you feel so excited for something you just want to jump in and get started with imperfect action NOW, what part of you is sending that signal

Given, there is so much within you sending those signals to your dashboard for your head the pilot to decode and make navigational decisions with it is almost your fundamental responsibility to have more understanding of what is making you tick!  What is sending this signals to your dashboard.

This week, is an insights and breakthroughs week for my best self journal.

A page to reflect on what insights you have learned about yourself by navigating your own relationship with Fear, Grief, Paralysed Will and Getting Stuff Done.

I advice grabbing your human design chart too, because this will help you to see what parts of you are being influenced by others and what part of you is consistent and sending out signals that tend to influence others.  

Things like, 

Do people make you feel pressured or do you make others feel pressured?  This might have something to do with your Root centre.

Do you often feel wobbles in your enoughness, maybe you don’t have enough skills or knowledge, imposter syndrome, there are others better than you 

or do you feel like why not you,  you’ve got the right to go for that job or to influence others and to be seen and heard.  This might have something to do with your will centre.

I’ll put a link to the free human design chart from my website in this post too.

And as always, if you want to lean into some one on one guidance and support in the journey of finding out about your deep authentic self and what parts of you are sending all those signals to your dashboard, and to help your pilot make sense of them, use the 2nd  link in this post to explore my potent 8 week discovering your deep authentic self program.

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