Answers To Life

Answers To Life
Please stop for a minute, take a deep breath, go inside your heart and mind and body and ask yourself, what am I actually devoted to?  Not only consciously but unconsciously, out of unconscious habit?  
I ask because your life depends on it.
What you are experiencing as ‘your life’ is dictated by your atmosphere and your atmosphere is created by what you are consciously and unconsciously devoted to.IMPORTANT FACT:
What we are devoted to will flavour the atmosphere we live in.
Our personal internal atmosphere, and it is our personal internal atmosphere that creates your world and it also projects out and effects the outside world too.

How is your atmosphere affecting your own life and also the collective atmosphere?  And what can you do about it?

Oh, as an example, above are a few photos of my spaces at home.  I am devoted to calm, grounded, tranquillity and the photos represent not only my external atmosphere but also my personal internal atmosphere.

Imagine that we all have our own personal ozone layer around our human self. Within that atmosphere is your own personal kingdom, your emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, moods, self-talk, your personalised atmosphere.

Is your atmosphere a place of clarity, calm, grounded, peace?
Is your atmosphere a place of anxiety, fear, tension, density?
Or is your atmosphere somewhere in between?

Your atmosphere will determine all of your experiences with life.
It will be your law of attraction.  Your law of push and pull.
What DO you DESIRE to experience in your life?  What DO you DESIRE to fill your atmosphere with?
Our emotional freedom and our human experience involves managing & mastering our individual atmospheres first up.⠀
This requires devoting some real focus toward the self-work, the internal work, the awakening & consciously looking into our ‘self’.  Our mindset habits, our unconscious stories, our emotional patterns, our wounds & griefs, our child-self, our prejudices & our individual emotional & physical footprint in this world.

We can start by asking ourself, do I want a beautiful life or do I want a shit life?⠀
Do I want a beautiful collective experience or a shit collective experience?
Do I want a beautiful earth or shit earth?
Do I want beautiful relationships or shit relationships?
Then start looking at what you are consciously & unconsciously devoted to & how these devotions are effecting your personal atmosphere and therefore the collective atmosphere.  Where does your mind constantly take you?  How have your daily conscious and unconscious habits & rituals created your reality?

Our individual atmosphere matter.  To ourself and to the collective.
Be deliberate and awake when it comes to what you evict out of your atmosphere and what you call into it.
Let go of densities, just don’t allow them in or at least don’t allow them to take up residency and instead collect joy and calm and love and peace.

Raising vibrations✨
Connecting people with purpose✨
Sending big love & encouragement✨
Ros ?