Beating Procrastination

Beating Procrastination

Hello awesome people,

I’m Ros Loxton Mindset Coach and breakthrough specialist super excited to be bringing you this weeks mindset hack.

So, every week I invite you to send me your suggestions on what to bring into this series.  

Every subject so far has been BIG, making it ever so challenging to make it fit into a HACK

This week, I’m talking about PROCRASTINATION!  

A common subject, known to all and yet mastered by so few.

As always I start by reminding us that we (humans) are complex.

Sure we can address complex subjects in a simple way, 

we can address complex subjects at face value 

And we can also acknowledge that there are deeper levels of us at play that are anything but face value or simple.

There are multiple ways I could pull apart the subject of PROCRASTINATION

I recommend avoiding procrastination … that’s a dad joke… sorry


the act of delaying or postponing something

it is an ACT… meaning something we are DOING

Sometimes we actually don’t know what to do or how to do it, or we think we aren’t going to be good at it, so, we avoid taking action and call it procrastination.

The key to understanding your personal procrastination is to identify the ACT you are taking by avoiding…… whatever it is you are avoiding.

One thing I can say categorically, is that telling yourself that you are lazy because you are procrastinating, is scientifically inaccurate and by saying, I am lazy, you are actually adding fuel to the fire so to speak.  Making the procrastination stronger.

Why do I say this?

We are habit machines…. we do form habits easily and we do believe the stories we tell ourself.

So telling yourself that you are lazy and associating lazy with procrastinating, you are pretty much setting your programming up to keep you trapped in that loop.

Your mind is a labyrinth of codes and programs

Good codes and programs lead you to good outcomes

Crap codes and programs lead you to crap outcomes

We are at the mercy of our minds codes and programs

In which case it makes such perfect sense to create good codes and programs within our mind and our mind/body

On a side note:  we have codes and programs informing every single thing we do and think, 

your codes and programs have set up camp in your mind, in your/body,

and they are doing their job, 

bossing you around, deciding some of your beliefs and your behaviours and consequently, your entire life and your outcomes

THIS is how you end up with a PROCRASTINATION program that seems to be the boss of you, or just who you are, just a part of your character.

In short, you need to reprogram that bit of internal coding.  BUT HOW?

You could try MEL ROBBINS 5 second rule.  

This is a program interrupter.

If we pulled apart the anatomy of your procrastination, there would be a series of steps that you go through and the end destination is PROCRASTINATION.

Mel Robbins 5 second rule, is all about interrupting that series of steps so that you do not land at the old destination of procrastination.

Mels Book, The 5 Second Rule I highly recommend, thank me later, you’re welcome, 

describes how she felt she needed a rocket up her toosh… so to speak.

Her visual of a rocket launching gave her this download of information.

What if instead of going through the normal motions and steps that lead to procrastination……. she counted 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off and just moved into action on the count of 1.  No time to go through all the steps of the old coded program.

54321….. go…. broke the old pattern, broke the old code and changed the old story.

The trick is, counting backwards as opposed to counting forward!

You will find you will procrastinate in different ways around different subjects or situations

FOR EXAMPLE, If you are taking a deep-sea dive with great white sharks, you may procrastinate jumping into the ocean, even though you know others have done it and survived, and you KNOW, you’re going to be in a ‘shark-proof’ cage.

You could totally try 54321 in this case and it would work.

BUT…. ask yourself, WHY would you procrastinate in this situation?

it’s Because, your nervous system, your survival instinct, is doing its job, sending you signals that say 

THIS IS DANGEROUS hence, you freeze from taking that action as your primal survival code is playing out ……’ don’t die’

How does this relate to less ‘great white shark’ situations you ask?

check out what you are procrastinating about

ask yourself, WHY would I procrastinate in this situation

What am I saving myself from exactly

Maybe, you’re saving yourself from doing something boring when you’d rather stay on the couch watching Netflix

This means, your ‘reward centre’ is avoiding pain to gain reward.

If you continue to cave into this signal, you set up a habit and a pattern in your coding

Avoid pain associated with boring housework and gain reward by continuing to watch Netflix.

From a surface level, keeping it simple, yeh, that looks a lot like you are LAZY

And I suppose that is lazy

BUT, to take it further and to make ‘IM LAZY’ your truth….. you really lock that program in….. when you tell yourself that you are lazy, then that’s a story you believe

and we live according to the stories we tell ourself.  

You might sabotage all sorts of opportunities and situations because now, you have a story and a program running that says, I am lazy.

However, if you wish to master procrastination, you gotta understand how it gets there, what job is it REALLY doing.  And how do I un-program this?

We could dive down the rabbit hole here because we humans are deep and complex and we tell ourself all types of stories, quite unconsciously


What are you really really resisting?

This may be something simple and easily found at face value

or because we humans are deeply complex

this may be something hiding out, tucked away a little deeper within you.

You could grab your journal and flesh out the things or situations where you know you do procrastinate and ask yourself…….what am I ultimately avoiding.  

Why do I hate making sales calls?   Oh, what I’m actually avoiding is,  it’s eating my frogs….And to make sure you are getting to the real gold nugget, then ask, why am I avoiding eating frogs and so on.

Always I encourage you to collaborate with experts in this space if you are finding your procrastination is holding your life back too much, ruining parts of your life etc.  blocking you from your personal success.  Connect with an expert, that’s what we’re here for.

Reach out to me with any questions or comments or suggestions for what you would like me to bring to this space.

May we always make highly conscious decisions that nurture our precious planet and care for our fellow humans.  I’m on the mission to raise our vibrations as a humanity so we can all rise above the dense stories that keep us in a lose lose  state of ‘us and them’………  May we raise to benevolence and love and kindness.

Sending you big love and encouragement

See you in the next hack.

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