How your energy manifests your reality

How your energy manifests your reality

Today I’m sharing some insights and tips around our habits.  Because so many of our habits we don’t even know we have they seem invisible but they are still ruling our life.

Who we are and what life we have is the sum of our habits.

When we allow destructive or less than supportive habits to take up residence in our life, they dramatically impede our path to our experiences, to our personal success or goals.

The challenge being that unsupportive habits are insidious.  They creep up on you slowly until you don’t even notice the way they have moulded, shaped, coloured and effected you and your life.

— Warren Buffett said…

“The Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”   

We can break habits though sometimes, we need to recognise what actually constitutes a habit.  And particularly a bad habit that needs changing in order to allow our desires to flow to us.

Breaking unhelpful or sabotaging type habits requires self-management. Our Self-control and self regulation has huge implications for our sense of personal agency our sense of our self supportiveness and also it has huge implications in our physical successes.

In particular today I was thinking about the habits of the mind.

As the Warren Buffet’s saying mentioned, often the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.  I think another way to look at this, another perspective is that we condition ourself over time and we don’t realise we are doing this. Until our conditioning feels like the worlds truth.

When it comes to the way we manage and regulate our thinking, it pays to take a very objective approach.  Observe your own thinking and notice what parts of your own thinking really empower and enable and encourage and support you and what thinking tends to create a sense of disempowerment, disabling, stuckness or hopelessness.  Because these 2 different states of being according to your thoughts are going to bring you different strengths or weaknesses, different blocks or flows.

We manifest and attract our life and the way we see life and the filters through which we view life via our feelings.

Our core job then is to manage our feelings, our vibrational energy.

To do a tiny demonstration, please reflect for a moment here on a memory or a thought that you may have on a regular basis that brings you negative feelings.  It may be how you think about money or how you think about your life or your marriage or the results in your business or the news reports about all of this terrorism.  For just a moment, sit in that thought, and please notice in your body, how this thought feels.

Sit consciously noticing how this negative thought or reflection, feels.  Scan your body from head to toe to feel what these negative thoughts and memories or reflections feel like.

If you can, try to imagine the colour of the energy that is surrounding your body now as a result of these negative or less than optimistic thoughts and even imagine seeing what the vibration of this energy looks like.  As if this was glowing from you around a meter around your body.  Feel the vibration and feeling in your body and then try to see it around you.  Not really see it but imagine what it might look like.

Now for a moment think about your most favourite yummy treat, what is your most indulgent yummy treat… just think about that for a moment to put yourself back into a general vibrational state and get out of that yucky one we just sat in.

Now, take yourself somewhere else.  Settle in to your body, get really present with your self right now.  Block out all outside distractions.  Lets go somewhere exciting, fun,stimulating.  Lets think about that I have just called you to inform you that you have received an unexpected windfall of $1.5million dollars.  For a moment now, please let yourself feel the relief of any financial burden, let yourself feel the excitement of choices you now have, let yourself feel the extreme high of having such an amazing shift out of the blue happen to you.  Imagine ringing up your nearest and dearest to say, guess what, I just came into massive money.  Feel the relief, the anticipation, the joy, the fun only allow the joy and the positive vibration around this thought.  Feel what that feels like in your body.  Scan your body from head to toe and feel that positive vibration.  See that vibration as a mist or a colour that surrounds you around a metre wide all around you.  Imagine what colour is this energy is, what does this vibration look like.  If you managed to sit in those 2 vibrations and feel how different they are, you will notice they look different too.

Granted not all of us are equally as excited about a $1.5m windfall, however I hope that you could get a sense of the different vibration in your body and what that feels like.  This is called deep self awareness when you can at any time of the day, stop and check in with how you are vibrating.

Practicing a positive vibration allows you to manage yourself in a moment to moment way to stay in a good vibration.  Having positive thoughts isn’t just about having positive thoughts.  It is about teaching your vibrational habit to vibrate in a very empowering, self supporting, inflow kind of way.  Despite what is going on around us we can hold a positive vibration as a “norm” as a “most of the time” vibration.  Currently, if I were following you around 24 hours a day, measuring and monitoring your thought habits and therefore your vibration, its possible it is sitting in a frequency that has become a habit for you.  It feels very very normal to sit in that vibration.  We are trying to help you notice the empowering vibration and practice the rituals around building the right vibration for you.

For some of us, our standard daily vibration is close to unsupportive vibrational energy.  It is then unfortunately very easy to flick into a worse vibration which feels like major stress anxiety, fear, hopelessness etc.  because our standard ‘most of the time’ vibrational energy isn’t far enough away from a particularly bad vibration. Its like standing close enough that you are in striking distance from a snake.  You need your standard most of the time, vibration to be a lot further away from that snake from that bad vibration that tends to show up and pull you down.

We do not bring nice life to us with a bad vibration.  We can try and try and wear ourself out and lose faith trying to make improvements in life but for some reason, we get flung back into a state that feels like we cant rise above certain things in our life, despite our constant efforts to try.

Practice putting yourself into a strong positive empowering vibration every time you think about it.  All of the time.  Daily, hourly as much as possible work on thinking about things that bring you joy in order to sit in a positive vibrational energy more of the time.

We don’t give up when things are hard, we change how we approach them.  What is not negotiable is a morning ritual.  Starting your morning with deliberate conscious mindfulness.  We all have different ways of achieving this.  And in these colder months, if you are struggling to get up early enough then lets find a way to continue honouring the practice as opposed to letting old patterns of self sabotage cut you off from what serves you best.

To recap, today I was sharing with you how to be mindful of your thoughts.  We have over 50,000 thoughts a day.  There will be some good and some not so good.  So, we need to practice programming our brain so that it in turn, operates in a way that serves us very well as opposed to letting us down.

When you feel a breakdown, I can guarantee we could back track to a series of thoughts that lead to the breakdown.  The series of thoughts are creating vibrational energy that communicates to the universe.  Do not give up, if you have a break down.  Instead understand, you have spotted an area that requires more practice in the creation of general better higher positive vibration by inserting reframed thoughts or improved thoughts.  We change the shape of our pathways and our brain activity and therefore we change our life.

Please share your tips and tools to help us all raise each other up.


Brisbane Life Coach |  Mindset Coach | Counsellor