Feeling Financial Freedom

Feeling Financial Freedom

Why is financial freedom so hard, so illusive?


It actually isn’t

Here is how you can experience financial freedom

starting immediately


I was in the shower this morning, which is always a great opening sentence in any blog!

I had the insight that whilst I still need to work to live, I am experiencing financial freedom on a regular basis and so can you.

What we tend to do is work so hard for the money each day and focus so diligently on what we want to achieve in our future or on what we still have not achieved, that we miss what we are reaping RIGHT NOW.

Yes, this is about gratitude, BUT, it is about realising what you have achieved for yourself through yesterdays efforts.  Recognise the milestones and celebrate them so they do not go to waste.  Maybe now you afford yourself $30 bottles of wine as opposed to $10 bottles of wine.  There is a financial freedom in that tiny scenario alone.  There was a time when a $30 bottle of wine was still off in your future, still to be worked toward and achieved.  Or whatever your version of a weekly luxury happens to be.

If you fail to acknowledge all of those little financial freedom wins, and I mean totally recognise and honour them, you fail to honour your efforts to date.  You actually sit in a lack mentality as opposed to an abundance mentality.  You miss out on feeling your financial freedoms as they actually meander into your life.  That yesterday you that decided you wanted bigger and better experiences for yourself, that yesterday you that could only fantasise and desire being able to buy $30 bottles of wine, or to take 4 day short breaks to Noosa or to upgrade your car or to buy a new suite or to buy that new guitar or that trip to Fiji or that new deck on your home.  That ‘yesterday you’ hunkered down and made it happen and ‘today you’ totally needs to take stock and recognise all of those small and big milestones of financial freedoms.

The reality is, that big jackpot financial freedom dream is not going to happen for all of us.

We continue to focus on the dream and to look for ways that we can make that happen for ourselves, and in the mean time, we HAVE TO CELEBRATE and honour every financial freedom that we DO ALREADY HAVE.  Here’s cheers to all of our financial freedoms.

How do you celebrate your milestones, little wins so that you recognise and honour your financial freedoms?



Roslyn Loxton