Getting along better with family

Most of us in society can share stories about ‘that’ family member that just doesn’t seem to know how to play fair or ‘be normal’. It can be any family member and for many of us, it is one of our parents and so often, it’s Mum. There are so many ‘Mum’ stories out there when it comes to people complaining about their family. It’s not just Mum and please don’t think I am pointing blame at anyone here. We all need to take responsibility for how we feel within ourself and what we do in order to create function where disfunction has presented itself.

Many of us have to some degree have or do experience family disfunction. It can range from low on the spectrum to high on the spectrum. There are a variety of things that can hold family disfunction in place and in many cases there are varying degrees of mental health distractions that are at play in the disfunction, meaning old outdated near pathways from our childhood. One person’s behaviour is clashing against another person’s expectation. Families and those collective individuals making up families can be very complex and so, often the challenges or disfunction is due to a layering of reasons as opposed to one simple easy to pin point reason.

Here is a 15 min blog on how to keep it simple despite the complexities. It is a principle, a practice a discipline and if you nail it, you will have a much better experience with those family members that you otherwise allow to challenge your inner peace and happiness.