HELP! I’m Motivationally Challenged.

HELP!  I’m Motivationally Challenged.

There are definitely many reasons that can attribute to why we feel like our motivation has left the building. Here are a few you may relate to and you or someone you care about may be tucking in to one or all of these.

Lack of goals – leaves us feeling lost or bored or lacking purpose and can lead to mood disorders like anxiety and depression. It can lead to distracting behaviours like drugs, alcohol, comfort food and low productive activities, like too much t.v. watching or pokies or electronic distractions. It is a fundamental human need to feel like you are a part of something and that your daily thoughts and efforts fulfil a sense of your reason for being, your higher purpose. Not having a sense of your big why is a common cause for low motivation.

SOLUTION: have goals

Not achieving goals we have set – feeling deflated, disappointed, sad, defeated and possibly pessimistic because we didn’t achieve goal/s. Making it all mean something that leaves us feeling negative as opposed to reframing the situation in order to find the useful learnings and takeaways, making it mean something that reignites our motivation. Packing up the goal posts and walking off the field as opposed to having resilience and creative determination to maybe, change the goal posts and keep on keeping on. Of vital importance with our goals is to celebrate our victories constantly instead of only weighing in on the big hairy audacious goals. What have you achieved? What are all the daily victories. What is great about this?

SOLUTION – heed the below warning.

WARNING: if you get into the habit of noticing what you have not achieved, you shrink your capacity to pick up all the little learnings along the way. All of these little learnings are profound transformations that you under estimate if you don’t identify and acknowledge and celebrate as often as possible. If you only focus on the big stuff, and in particular how you didn’t ‘nail that big goal’ (yet), you err on the side of pessimism and negative vibration. Maintaining a solution focus as all times is required. You can analyse why you didn’t get that big deal or quote or job etc., through the filter of solution focus. There are some incredible and transformational learnings in that for you.

You are a human/animal! Nutritional, emotional, hormonal imbalances will cause you to lack motivation. Strange thing to say but, if you were in a zoo, zoo keepers would understand how to keep you at your optimum health and wellbeing. They would understand your hormones, blood, organs, gut health, nutritional needs, emotional needs etc and nurture these basic fundamentals in order to keep you in good shape. Feed your body and mind strategically for optimum functionality. You need to keep your human system in good condition. For example, if you don’t move enough, you will lack oxygen in your bloodstream and you will feel lethargic. This will set of a chain reaction of moving even less and eating comfort food that will further slow down the mechanisms in your human condition. You will have lower clarity or thoughts, less creative ideas, less motivation in general. Feed your mind with inspiring mind food daily. Have blood tests to check your bloods for any unusual activity that may require specific attention. Treat your human condition with the highest levels of respect and care.

SOLUTION – Create some healthy, achievable daily blissiplines that are designed to nurture your human-ness

Burnout and exhaustion – This one leaves nothing in the tank. You become quite ineffective and if you continue to try and make withdrawals from your mind and energy, you will force your human system to take matters into its own hands. It will shut you down. Nervous system – Anxiety attacks or nervous break down. Heart – heart attack or clots. Brain – stroke or inability to think and remember. This one is about having profound self awareness to understand the signs and symptoms before you run the tank dry and to live a life of balance and purpose in the first place.

SOLUTION – Work from your highest priorities so you don’t let lots of lessor priorities eat up your time and energy. Set strong boundaries. Know when and how to say NO!

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