When Your Inner Super Hero Needs Time Out

When Your Inner Super Hero Needs Time Out

Here’s 5 tips

to keep your inner super hero from burning you out!

Hey fellow Super Heroes, and you know who you are because you currently feel like I am speaking directly to YOU.  You are a go getter, you are juggling multiple roles, you say yes and you get sh#t done and then you jam a bit more in and get that done too!

When you hear statements like, “I’m tired”, “I can’t do that”, “I’m too scared”, “I was gunna do it tomorrow”, “I just forgot”, “It’s alright for you, you’re making heaps of money”, it makes you want to breath fire like an angry dragon.  Because, you are using every cell in your body to do every possible thing you can to reach your goals and have a good, enriched successful life and to produce great work for a great price and have a great time doing it.


Much to your horror and shock and inconvenience and quite unexpectedly and out of the blue, you cram so much in your productivity mania that, without you having too much say in it at all, your body, mind and maybe a bit of your soul, HITS THE PROVERBIAL WALL


What is this? This does not happen to you!  You are a machine.  Your body, mind and soul continue to produce as you call on them to do so right!  And yes, most of the time, you are right.  So I’m sure it may be quite inconvenient for you to hear that, you do have limits.  Sure you can push past them, and that comes at a price.  It’s just like an overdraft, you have to pay it back with interest.  If you go too much into overdraft, you can cause some pretty serious health consequence that will be more than a little inconvenient to you.  So, listen up sista (and that includes the fellas) and really take this on board because YES, I am talking to you.  Nurture your human with vigilance.

Tip 1

Your cells need to recover and renew daily.  It is imperative that you get consistent good sleep because this is when this renewal process is occurring. Do not think this doesn’t apply to you and take this tip with a grain of salt.  This is vital if you wish to continue being a productivity maniac.

Tip 2

Reduce the free radicals in your body and keep your vibrational energy in a sustainably good state.  Meditate.  Don’t poo poo this.  You are smarter than thinking this does not apply to you.  Nurture your human.  If you continue to cut corners and neglect your human in any way, guaranteed it will bite you in the backside in the not too distant future in ways that might see you looking at prayer in ways you never imagined.  Every day meditate.  Find guided meditations that resonate for you.  They will exist.  They are not all bad, some are miraculous.

Tip 3

Gaps & buffers.  Do not fill in every second with some activity.  Your inner super hero knows they can keep on cramming things into the little gaps here and there. DON’T!  See these little buffers and gaps as rejuvenation or recharge windows.  Stop and go outside and look up into the sky and breath in the sun.  Suck nature into your energy and when you breath out, let go of the hustle and breath in fresh, gentle, replenishing energy.  Nurture your human as much as you can in every little break.  Every little bit of giving back helps considering how much you are withdrawing from human system.

Tip 4

Compartmentalise your career, as opposed to allowing it to be this pervasive all consuming entity that hogs and hijacks your attention, focus, thoughts and energy for too many hours of the day.  Have a healthy balance of thinking about other things and spending your time and energy on other things, as a mindset daily discipline and practice.

Tip 5

It has to be said, again and again because too many of us productivity maniacs with an inner super hero driving us to achieve and do and do and go and go, neglect our nutrition.  If you want to keep on keeping on in a healthy body achieving awesome things for years to come, you absolutely must eat correctly.  Feed your human system what it is designed to eat.  Keep sometimes foods to sometimes.  Get into the habit of surrounding yourself with smart and nutritional options.  Coffee is not a super food.  It is a sometimes food.  One or two a day.  Fall in love with water and berries and fresh foods.   You are smart, and not taking correct care of your nutrition is a costly laziness.

You are my favourite people, yee with the inner super hero.  I’ve said it before and I’ll just say it another time, nurture your human or your super hero will burn you out!

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Teaming with you for your greatest success and happiness

Roslyn Loxton

Mindset & Peak Performance Coach