Is Positivity a Real Thing?

Is Positivity a Real Thing?

Positivity is a Real Thing

Positivity absolutely has it’s place

However, whilst it is a very healthy vibration that brings with it energy and ideas and it feels good, positivity can be misleading. WHAT THE?

What I mean is, we can be mistaken into thinking we have to be positive all of the time because, well we keep on hearing that we attract what we focus on. In one way that is accurate but let’s define positivity, for some reality. We have a great range of positive energies to experience such as optimism, happiness, peace, contentment, excitement, curiosity, pride, victorious, humbled, validated, satisfied, stimulated. But what happens with your energy when you are not experiencing any one of those positively vibrating energies, what are you feeling in-between times? This is where you need to be very mindful.

How connected to and in touch with are you to your ‘knowing energy’.  I was torn as to whether to call this the ‘knowing state’ or the ‘expecting state’.  After all, our individual reality, our life as we know it, is bought to us by what we expect. So, expecting the outcomes of your goals and your life’s story, is a part of knowing you are living true to your story and purpose, even if some of your goals haven’t shown up yet or they seem like a quantum leap for you. You just continue to ‘know’ and ‘expect’, you continue to feel it in your bones, that your dreams and goals will come to be when you take inspired action on them daily.  At minimum on your part, at least read your goals daily! Remind your universe what you want to bring into your life.

Some times, goals come in there own sweet time and not on our SMART goal watch!

The way to ensure the late comers do manifest, is to never stop expecting them.  Never give up on them. Keeping ‘knowing’ that in some way shape or form, it’s going to happen.

 Know that in the face of the many negative, unfair and unexplainable things that go on in this unusual world we live in, you always have the option of sitting in the expectation of great things to come. Things happen for a bigger reason and there are plenty of first world things to be positive about and grateful about right now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences around creating what you expect and what positive energy means to you?