6 Steps to Modern Day Manifesting

6 Steps to Modern Day Manifesting

6 steps to Modern Day Manifesting

STEP 1.  Write out the story

Write out the vision of the life outcome as you ideally would like it to be.  Know it as though you know it IS going to happen.  Really connect with exactly what you want.  What it looks like in detail.  What it smells like, sounds like and feels like.  Spend time imagining this in your minds eye, like a movie.  Be the director.  It’s your movie in your mind.  Big hairy audacious goals, short term and long term goals.  Even teeny tiny goals.  Goals can be what you want to experience, How you want to feel, where you want to go.  What you want to acquire etc.  At first you may struggle to fill in the details and the colour in all the spaces of the mind movies.  The important thing is to start where are, but START and keep at it.

STEP 2.  Quieten the mind

Release all of the energy and tension you are holding in your body and mind.  Find a moment alone.  Shut the office door if you have to.  Sit very comfortably or lay down and close your eyes.  Breath in and out, big deep breaths, slowly and with even rhythm.  In breath is breathing in new, regenerating creative energy which fills up every cell in your body and the out breath is releasing any dense or nega

tive vibration that is residing within you.  Do this for a minute of so.  Imagine you are turning into water and you are gently melting into a big puddle which is free of any tension.  You will need guided meditation initially to help you through this process.

STEP 3.  Place your orders

Plant your orders into the universe, like you are planting seedlings into your garden.  In your state of relaxation, connect with universal energy, infinite potential energy, what ever name is effective for you.  This engages different parts of the brain other than the very over used pre frontal cortex.  Plant your order into the universe where everything in your future is out there brewing.  Thank the universe for manifesting your desire, your goal, your vision.  Be in a state of total gratitude.  Gratitude is a state for the mind and body not just a woo woo word.  “Universe, I release my future reality to you and know in my heart that this is what is coming into my reality”.  I am so grateful and happy that this is my life coming into reality.  Feel the excitement that you feel knowing that because you have put your order in, that it will be delivered.  Learn to KNOW that it shall be!

Then, let go.  Detach from the outcome and release that order like a bubble.  Let it float off.  Allow it to manifest in what ever way the universe can make that happen.  Sometimes our desires are all around us, but, we are too busy to notice them or we are looking somewhere else for them to show up.  Sometimes it’s a hail storm that helps you get that new car!  Repeat this process for all of your orders, for all of your goals and ideal outcomes.  Your home, your health, your marriage, your kids, your business, your holidays, your future dreams, your family, material things, money etc.  Repeat this process DAILY.

STEP 4.  Daily habit/ritual

Meditate and Read your goals, your orders to the universe, your ideal outcomes every morning before you start your day of tasks and business.  Ideally also check in with them every night before falling asleep.  It builds a useful habit and vibrational frequency and it effects your behaviour and it lets the universe know what to do with you!

STEP 5.  Intentionally show up

This is like deciding what colour skin you are going to wear today.  Write out your ideal state of resonating or vibrating or feeling regarding how you want to SHOW UP each day.  This way you know if you slip out of this skin, you can slip back into it.  You don’t have to fall victim to other skins. Optimistic and entirely grateful are extremely powerful frequencies to hold as your vibration.  How do you want to be and feel in all of your situations, eg. in business and in relationships or roles like your marriage, groups, friendships.  Re visit this list as a morning ritual as well.  Brain training.  This is about retraining your habit system to be deliberate as opposed to getting sucked into routines that you didn’t really deliberately design and that may deplete you instead of empowering you.


  • I want to show up full of optimism and trust in what is going to happen/manifest
  • I want to show up as an expert in my industry
  • I want to show up full of faith, belief and vision for what we are working for
  • I want to show up full of empathy and love in my heart – not limited for options due to my judgement process
  • I want to show up grounded and strong and humble and sensitive
  • I want to show up genuinely happy open to learn
  • Etc…. what ever feels right for you and empowers you
  • Reset this personal energy every morning (new programming)

STEP 6.  Nightly release

Release my day and regenerate my energy – go to sleep either having sex or listening to a guided meditation or both (use ear phones or get your partner involved with the meditations too).  It is important for the brain to stop thinking in the habit way using that pre frontal cortex area, just going over the same repertoire of ideas and re arranging your thoughts as opposed to having replenishing brain activity.

The brain has many thoughts that are of no use, they just burn energy and deepen neural pathways that don’t serve you.  Ideally, train your brain to have insights and ideas when you decide its time for those and also, to stop working, thinking and spinning when you are ready to switch it off.  If you don’t control your brain… it controls you and it isn’t a great master.

This can seem weird at first

Often, our old life long programs will sabotage the efforts of soft green new shoots/ programs and new efforts in our neural pathways.  I highly encourage you to work through any doubt or dismissive thoughts you have about any of these exercises.  Meditation is possibly the most important part of this process.  Choose specific guided meditations that resonate with you.   Some are very good and some are not right for your needs!

Changing your mindset requires working through step by step phases in order to get to the place of transformation required for deliberate manifesting.

  1. Identification – what am I doing and being and what do I really, really, really want.  Having insights, break throughs and seeing blind spots for the first time.
  2. Re wiring – Deciding what your new stories need to be, eg. money story, assumptions that drive your behaviour.  Starting to apply different disciplines, changing daily practices and habits.
  3. Habitualising the habits – stepping into new disciplines and making them your normal habits, owning your expanded awareness of yourself and how you write all of your scripts, you don’t know what you don’t know and then suddenly you do know, and things are changing.
  4. Adjusting to the changes – people and situations around you will change to as the shifts occur as your new way of being, seeing and doing will create and these and it will require some adjustments from yourself and maybe others.  There may be some uncertainty in this phase, because the old is slipping away and that was your certainty and the new is only starting to come into sight and not quite locked in fully.
  5. Transformation – operating as a transformed person will create new desires, new thinking and new life results.  Our goals may change, the way we perceive and what we make things mean, will change.

If you could share your greatest piece of advice on what has worked best for you when it comes to manifesting, what would that be?


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