The Seduction of Satisfaction

The Seduction of Satisfaction

The Seduction of Satisfaction


Ultimately, isn’t satisfaction what we are trying to achieve? Once I get married, once I get a promotion, once I have children, once we have holidays, once we get a home, once we…

We are in a constant dance with our urges


We are really a collection of urges. We urge for breath, sleep, food, flavors, sounds, sex and many other experiences. So, let’s face it right now, satisfaction is not really possible if we are constantly urging. Satisfaction is a seductive notion in a way.

So, I’m swinging in my ‘thinking’ chair, which is a hammock hanging from a big tree beside a little trickling pond in my suburban backyard. Feeling ZONKED because it is the 1.1.2015 and I got to bed at 2am. I perform in the electric 80s show.  Last night we gigged at the Brisbane Retro ball and it was a stifling, sweaty, hot, fun evening. So now, I’m letting the breeze shuffle me around, in my hammock style thinking chair and I am gazing into space really.   It’s quiet, the fish pond is trickling, I hear crickets (hoping it’s not just tinnitus after last nights sound levels) and it is blissfully peaceful. I need nothing. I slept until I was ready to rise, eaten very good food, coffee fix satisfied, hung out with my man and my sausage dog. As I stare into nothing in particular, just relaxing in the energy of nature, I feel this urge, this unrest, this need for something that I must have overlooked. Which reminds me of a time I was staying with a single girlfriend after my 7 year long relationship had ended. I was staring into her fridge and then into the pantry but I couldn’t find anything that would satiate my appetite. My girlfriend walked in and in a very matter of fact tone, said to me, “it’s sex and it’s not in there, I’ve already looked”. That memory still makes me giggle.


You know that place, where you have a moment of still or quiet and you don’t quite know what to do with that space, so your mind goes in search for something you probably should be worrying about.   Out of subconscious habit you start scanning your mind for everything that is going on in your life that could be at the root of this current urge you are experiencing.

Then there is the very similar situation where you feel an urge or you feel a negative feeling, maybe you’re just taking a shower and you experience a sense of anxiety. Maybe your head hits the pillow at the end of the day and you can’t stop your mind from racing through the catalogue of things you don’t even realise you are playing over in your minds eye. Or maybe you start thinking like this when your eyes open in the morning?


You are being lured into something.

That something is HABIT.  BAD ass habit


The good news is, it is your divine right, actually it’s your responsibility to yourself and to those that need to be in your life, to let yourself have sufficient moments of still and quiet satisfaction, quiet moments of feeling purely content.  Grateful.

The bad news is. It is close to impossible for those of us who are not spiritually enlightened gurus to actually be satisfied because,

  We also have the BAD HABIT of exercising dissatisfaction.  Sounds like we’re at an impasse here. Well, for some that’s true, things have gone too far down the rabbit hole and in the short term, their strategy is medication and therapy in the effort to reach relief.

This seduction of satisfaction process has an obscenely huge number of woman depressed and anxious, mainly because the urges are not adhered to ideally in the first instance. The SOLUTION to the seduction of satisfaction is not drugs or wine for that matter! The solution, is being a bit more mindful instead of falling victim to your HABIT system. Aside from the mental health cases that are out of the person’s own control to manage, a larger majority of depression and anxiety comes from misunderstanding and mismanaging urges. Being seduced by old habit, feelings of dissatisfaction and then applying an incorrect remedy.  For example, some woman feel lonely and frustrated or unappreciated and they opt for having an affair. This is what I mean by using the wrong remedy. That remedy (having an affair) is like putting a bandaid on cancer.

Allow yourself the knowledge that life is a fine art of

 constantly juggling  all the balls of your life.

Some of the balls are up and some of the balls are down but they are in constant motion. Nothing is ever so broken that you can’t find a solution.  Your life has many ways it could play out, there isn’t only the one way. Be open to possibilities. Be open to change. Be open to mistakes and failures. Be optimistic that you can find contentment in the pure act of applying your energy and efforts into living a life that is ‘your truth’.  Your purpose!

Take the time or make the effort to learn to understand the signals of your body, spirit and mind, enough so that you understand your urges and, you understand you have an infinite well of possibilities within you that are always there to tap into.  Once you relearn how.

Some people believe in a God. I believe the infinite well of opportunities within you is your internal unwavering act of faith. Your urges are your inner self giving you your messages from your heart.

As opposed to responding to them in a habitual, reactive way.


Tap into your heart


What are your tips for operating from the heart and living your life on purpose?