Are you ready to deserve & receive

Are you ready to deserve & receive

When you go through Level 1 of the Spiral, you deepen your levels of DESERVING.

You clear shame, guilt and dogma.

Let’s take a deeper look at what these are.

Shame: a toxic and crippling sense of unworthiness

Without addressing shame in your life, it’s difficult to go after what you truly want.

Guilt: a sense of failure to live up to a set of values or morals.

When you’re plagued by what you haven’t been able to do in your life, or the expectations you felt you did not meet, you’re plagued by it. Guilt is heavy to carry and gets in the way of feelings of worthiness.

Dogma: a rigid inability to see beyond your own prejudice.

When you’ve been conditioned to think that wanting certain things are right or wrong, you can be caught in your own cage of beliefs. When you release the grip that dogma has on you, you can make choices that transform your life and bring you more in alignment with your deepest values.

When you clear Level 1 of the Spiral, you start to realise that:

– YOU write the rules of your life

– YOU can make any change you want, when you KNOW you’re worth it

-YOU can get in touch with what you would TRULY want if you stopped caring about what everyone else thought.

This is the level where people face their deep sense of self-worth.

This is where you face your sense of security & stability, your relationship to wealth, your survival strategies, and your relationship to your physical body.

Imagine what would be possible if you TRULY felt worthy of everything that you desire?

Are you ready to go through Level 1 of the Spiral?