Atomic Affirmations for Success Habits

Atomic Affirmations for Success Habits

Atomic bite sized hacks for change and success

Practical strategies from the essence of Atomic Habits distilled into bite sized affirmations and hacks targeting steps to:

  • form success habits, 
  • tap out of old disempowering patterns, 
  • and building bit by bit the micro behaviours that lead to desirable outcomes.

Are you having trouble changing your daily ruts, routines and outcomes?

The problem is your process and the process can be changed. 

Old habits continue to occur because of 3 things: 

  • Your Environments
  • Your Intentions
  • Your Methods.

If you are ready to achieve new levels of change, Atomic Affirmations for Successful Habits is a manageable yet potent approach.

Atomic Affirmations for Successful Habits reduces big topics into simple daily behaviour steps for transformation in personal and work life. 

This easy-to-digest collection of affirmations is a great guide for making good habits achievable and bad habits replaceable. 

Along the way, use the journal prompts to collect your ideas and thoughts. Putting these into writing creates a whole new layer of clarity and awareness which are absolutely essential elements to locking in lasting change.

Learn how to:

  • Supercharge your environment so you play to win
  • Grow your motivation and willpower bit by bit
  • Pick the ball up when you drop it and keep on playing

Atomic Affirmations for Successful Habits will expose you to hacks and quotes that are the proven tools to build your success habits.


No matter your goal or current situation, there is something inspiring, transformational yet achievable for all change seekers in the pages of these affirmations.