Freebie Friday – Processing Negative Emotions

Freebie Friday 12:4:24

Processing Negative Emotions

with the Squid Ink Bucket Technique

Today I did this process as I have had so many low emotions visiting me this week
After I did this process, I had an insight.
Which was, around the 2 year mark after experiencing a loss or a grief etc., the grief can re emerge.
For some reason, the 2 year mark more so then the 1 year mark. Maybe it’s because we are less expecting it…maybe.
But, 2 years ago around at this time, I lost my dearest love of my life fur baby. Her name was Fritzee.
She still has a FB page where you can see her cute little personality.
I hadn’t been thinking about the time of year, I hadn’t put 2 and 2 together but, after I did the squid ink bucket to process the emotions that were filling up my body, I then had the insight and it all made sense.
I had a big cry and felt such relief because all of the emotions that had been bubbling up, made perfect sense… they were grief
I hope this exercise can offer you some relief and maybe even some insights as well.
Sending you big encouragement and big love for you best self and your best life