Release Your Self-Sabotaging Blocks

Release Your Self-Sabotaging Blocks

When you’re not happy and you’ve come to a place of feeling predominantly horrible or angry or sad, you can be certain you have an emotional pattern turned on that you can and should turn off.

Emotional patterns cause blocks that are invisible in one sense but very effective non the less.

We don’t know we are walking around with internal blocks that act like instructions to our thoughts and actions.

And they sabotage us.

How do you come to the glorious place where you are content, in love, in harmony, in bliss, in flow?

What gets in the way?  What gets in your way?

What comes between you and that happy ever after state, that happy relationship state, that ‘I’ve got life sorted’ state.

We can spend a lifetime trying to arrange the outside world to suit us. But, we don’t have all the cards, we can’t control other people or most situations, though some people try.

AND if trying to control everything is your life strategy, you can’t.

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