Reshape Your Destiny with 3 decisions

Reshape Your Destiny with 3 decisions

I read Anthony Robins book Awaken the Gian and felt inspired to share some of the nuggets of wisdom as Tony puts information into shapes that make it easy to understand and consume.

Whilst we know people have different advantages in their lives, where they are born, physical advantages, financial advantages etc,  there are many examples where people have risen above the limitation of their conditions to live a better life by making new decisions about what to do with their life and then what actions to take in accordance with that decision.

First of all…


Decide what sort of results you are committed to

Decide who and what you are committed to having in your life

So, when I say the word DECIDE

I don’t mean to just take up certain interests in things in life.  I mean to determine what sort of person you are committed to becoming.

Once you determine this, you then need to set and live by the standards and the boundaries and the values and the habits and the rituals etc. that are in line with this decision.

We need to make decisions so that we don’t stay stuck by buying into our excuses around why we have less then we want for our life.  Our old conditioning has plenty of excuses to offer us up.

All of us possess the power of decision.  It is available to anyone and everyone.

“Concerning all acts of initiative and creation there is one elementary truth.  That the moment one definitely commits oneself with definite decision, then the universe moves too.” 

Most of us don’t realise what it takes to make a real DECISION.  Because, we have watered down the meaning of the word decision and we have started to mistake the meaning of the word decisions for the word preferences.  For example,  “I’d like to double my income” or “I’d like to lose weight”.  They are preferences.  You would prefer it if you could achieve these things.  It’s a preference though, not a decision.

Making a true decision enables a force of change, it means cutting yourself off from any other possibility.

For example when you TRUELY DECIDE to stop smoking cigarettes.  That’s it, its over.  You no longer consider smoking a cigarette ever again.  It’s done!

We can learn to make big decisions by taking cue from how we make little decisions every day.  Like, picking up a pen to write.  We decide to pick the pen up.  Its not a preference, it is a little decision, and therefore, you pick the pen up.  It is in your hand because you decided to pick it up.  If you had a preference about the pen being in your hand, you might procrastinate on it, get distracted by something, make an excuse and not actually pick the pen up.

Decision gives you laser focus, preferences don’t, decisions therefore give you complete clarity.  And if we were able to see our biological self under X-ray when we make a decision compared to when we make a preference, these 2 mindset states and actions would fire up completely differently and look different under X-ray.

There are 3 decisions we need to pay attention to and not just leave it up to circumstances.  This is how we recondition our old conditioning.

  1. What to focus on each moment of the day – as this shapes, what we think, say and do and then what we get
  2. What things mean to you – is this good or bad.  How does it really effect me. Can I make it mean something that is solution focused as opposed to making it mean something that depletes me.
  3. What should I do now – this decision will shape your actions and therefore your shape your destiny.

These are the micro decisions that when mastered you master your life.

It is not your past that determines your future and your destiny, but what you decide to focus on now, what you make it mean, and what you decided to do about it.

When other people are getting different results then you in any area of life, a big part of that is the way they make these 3 decisions on a daily basis.

When we don’t take control of these three decisions, we get caught up in the current events of life and we get dragged along with the flow of the masses and we get unconsciously conditioned.  We then have a sense of feeling out of control because we are quite unconscious, we are quite un-deliberate.  We will experience, anxiety, stress, depression, unhappiness, un-fulfilment etc.

It is very likely that what ever challenges you might caught up in right now in your life, physically, mentally to be a result of these 3 decisions and the way you made them in your past.

So to deliberately and consciously shape your destiny

1.  Clearly decided what you want for your life

2.  Take massive action to make it happen – having a preference isn’t enough

3.  Notice what is and isn’t working – many roads lead to Rome, and maybe sometimes some of them are blocked, go find the other ones,

4.  When things aren’t working don’t give up, change your approach, we get help, we become curious, not defeat-us.  There are always solutions if you stop looking at the problem.

Don’t get to hijacked by the pain of the experience, remember to stay focused and decided on the goal.

Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off of our goal.

Don’t let circumstances take your power.  Circumstances, challenges and obstacles are also the things that help us to grow and learn and to reshape our mindset.

Don’t let the dream die in the face of challenges.  Pursue your dreams by changing your strategy if you need to.  Be like the flowing stream that moves and weaves around the landscape to continue flowing.  Because when you know you have the ability to focus and to make deliberate decisions and you can stick to them despite the challenges, you gain an incredible sense of inner peace and of self confidence, you know that you can trust yourself.  And when you know that you can trust yourself, you stop looking outside of yourself for things to blame for things to sooth your soul because you find that what you need is within you.

This creates a greater sense of self love, self respect, self confidence and self soothing and from this state of ‘being’ you attract and manifest differently.  You attract different opportunities different types of people and relationships.  You attract your desired destiny.   And this is our agenda for you and our intention for bringing to you all of the tools and resources that we do within our programs.  We know these self changes don’t happen over night, we know we are having to rewire old conditioning, that the chains of conditioning and old habits need some work for you to be released from, but we know with unwavering certainty that with the right support and accountability that you can create the destiny your heart desires.  But you have to do the self work.

You have to decide you are going to show up powerfully in your life.

…. and here is a little recap.

Harness the power of decisions and know the difference in your biology between making a decision and having a preference

  1. Understand the true power of making decisions – you set a new cause effect motion and you block off any other possibility from showing up other than what you decided
  2. Realise the hardest step in anything is making a true commitment – so make your decisions intelligently, but also quickly as opposed to overthinking and spinning your wheels.
  3. PRACTICE.  Make decisions often – strengthen this decision muscle by doing things you have been putting off.
  4. Learn from your decisions – when you mess up, don’t beat yourself up, learn something, ask what is good about this?  Its way more productive and builds a stronger mindset.
  5. Stay committed to your decisions by being flexible to your approach – its the result your after, don’t be rigid with the way in which you get it.  Cultivate the art of flexibility so if you fail once you don’t give up, you look for an alternate route to flow.
  6. Enjoy making decisions – the very next decision you make, could really alter your life.  A truly committed decision is the course that changes your life.

Be open, be curious and allow the chains of old conditioning to be released, they don’t let go with out some discomfort, without some challenge which is where having a personal coach comes in powerful. When you shed the skins of that old conditioning, you reshape your destiny.

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